About Us

Vic Skelly began his business at the Viva Las Vegas show 13 years ago, where he was known as the Panty Man because of his huge collection of vintage lingerie. Vic still goes to the show every year, but with a much larger supply of all things vintage thanks to his ownership of the best vintage clothing store in Detroit — V-Male. The store opened in 2007 and local, national and even international business has been strong ever since.

Vic chose the store name as a twist on what was called Victory Mail during WWII, and V-Male certainly delivers. Victory Mail was an ingenious way to photograph letters from loved ones and put them onto microfilm until they got to their locations, when they were printed back onto paper again. It saved a lot of space and weight on the overseas flights, and kept many soldiers comforted during their difficult years abroad.

Vic’s right arm, otherwise known as Kim, has been working with Skelly for 5 years now. She takes care of everything Vic might miss, and there is none to compare. When you come visit, you’ll probably bump into either Kim or Vic. Ask any questions and let us help you find what you’re looking for.

Vic finds his clothes from a number of places, and some of his acquisition stories are pretty unique for a store owner. People seem to find him when they are cleaning out all their old stuff, and he ends up being the happy owner of never-worn vintage clothing that will delight some customer down the road. Other clothing he sells is specifically made to replicate vintage clothing, but it’s made to the same quality as the clothes were made back then.

No matter what you need, stop by or call. Like our name says, we’re more than happy to deliver.